Volunteer Roles

Here at Port Stephens FM we rely on volunteers to ‘get the job done’.  So, we are always looking for helpful people to volunteer with us.  If you have a skill you think we can use then let us know so we can work you in to our friendly membership. 

Presenter Role: becoming a radio presenter is, for many of our volunteers, a dream come true - and more importantly, this could be you!  If you have the gift of the gab, an inquisitive mind that can turn pictures into stories and entertaining anecdotes, love music and feel comfortable handling computers and people then you might like to give this a try.  With some training you could be hosting your own show before you know it. Presenters are valuable to us, and we always need new ones plus a few spares willing to fill-in for regular presenters who go on leave, take a break or fall sick.

Production: don't fancy the idea of presentation but have an interest in voice-over work, sponsor and stinger/jingle production then why not give us a call.  

Technician Role: this is for those of you who know a thing or two about how computers run and who like to mess around with cables, hardware and software.  Our Technical Officer relies on a team of tech’s to help him keep the station’s electronic equipment (and there’s a fair bit of that as you can imagine!) running at optimum levels.

Administration Role: we know there are some wonderful people out there who are adept at filing, answering phones, creating and maintaining documents and in general doing all those things that help to keep an office in tip-top order. If you have an hour or two to help out during the week – maybe you’d like to help here, in the background.

Other Roles: You may have a skill that is not listed in the three roles outlined above, that you feel could be an asset to us.  We would love to hear from you if that is the case.